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This "Talking t-shirt" was born listening a tale by Shankara's life. He went to visit the cave where Guru Govindapada resided. He paid his respects then the guru coming out of his samadhi, asked him the question: "Who are you?" Shankara then replied: "I am neither the earth, nor water, fire, air or sky, nor composed of their properties. I am not the sense organs nor the mind. I am but the Supreme Consciousness underlying all, known as Shiva." Hearing these words of an extraordinarily high comprehension of metaphysical principles, the Guru recognized Shankara's talent, initiated him into saṃnyāsa.

To me, the meaning of this t-shirt's content is a reminder that our ultimate essence is not made of toughts, emotions, words, action or the sense of Self (which we think is composed by our character, experiences, life lived and so on) but there is so much more which simply cannot be explained by words.

Enjoy this reminder 3.0!


100% Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
Weight: 150-155 Gr.

T-shirt girocollo doppia cucitura al collo sulle spalle
100% cotone pettinato - grammatura: 150-155 Gr.


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