Project name "I bend so I don't break"

"I bend so I don't break" 

This "Talking t-shirt" is born from the love I nourrish for inversions. My stubbornness in trying to carry out the projects that I put in my head leads me to be very determined and dedicated ... I can pull myself, I can adapt in folds sometimes absurd but if my determination is firm, I do not bend!

None the less, in my native country this is actually a way of saying, which is used precisely with this connotation. I find it very well matched with the spirit of inversions and back/forward bending, because it recalls this idea to assume outdated, uncomfortable, questionable poses to find new ones, new balances, new parameters and new possibilities! So this is born to be a reminder to keep change point of view and follow the road even when is not comfy!

Enjoy this reminder 3.0!

"I bend so I don't break"

Racerback tank top
100 % Organic cotton ring-spun combed single jersey
Weight: 120 gr. - colour mid heather green

Canotta sportiva 100% cotone biologico con filatura ad anello
colore verde melange - grammatura: 120 gr.

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