Project name 

"Stillness is my superpower" 

This "Talking t-shirt" was born during a meditation retreat. I was really enjoying the peaceful state of mind and body to just be, without rushing life around. Since retreats are the best occasion to stay still and come back to our true nature is it not so easy to bring this state of mind in "everyday's life". That said, this t-shirt wants to celebrate those little moments during the day in which we find the strenght of just stay still and not fall into our traps that would love to see us rushing around.

Enjoy this reminder 3.0!


100% Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt white
Weight: 150-155 Gr.

T-shirt bianca girocollo doppia cucitura al collo sulle spalle
100% cotone pettinato - grammatura: 150-155 Gr.



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