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"I recycle my vṛtti" 

This "Talking t-shirt" was born during the study of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra book. The second line reads: "Yogaś citta vṛtti nirodhaḥ” and it refers to the removal of mind's fluctuations in order to experience ultimate reality. When mind (meaning thoughts) are calm and the natural state of tranquility is experienced, we can move toward the unification of mind and body with the Self, we experience union with all and samadhi is achieved. This is the aim of Raja Yoga.
This line from Patañjali means that yoga is about removing the fluctuations of the mind thanks to a state of tranquility so we can experience life as it is (aka Reality).

The literal translation is:

yogaś =  to unit
citta = mind
vṛtti = fluctuations
nirodhaḥ = the removal

The idea of "I recycle my vṛtti" is born from the feeling to be on the path to calming the mind and take it in its natural state to discover the Self knowing that this road is impervious. The honesty of this sentence is: "since I am not yet freed from my mind's fluctuation, at least I aim to recycle my mind's tendencies to create a more positive and healthy path (samskara) for my thoughts! So I am basically reclycling my thoughts and making them  experience a new way".

Enjoy this reminder 3.0!


100% Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt white
Weight: 150-155 Gr.

T-shirt bianca girocollo doppia cucitura al collo sulle spalle
100% cotone pettinato
grammatura: 150-155 Gr.


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