Talking t-shirt is born from the creative spirit of those who feel outside the box and stereotypes imposed by modern society. Born for people who consciously choose not to conform to these "frivolous" rules, with an ironic connotation, we like to consider us to be cautiously reckless aka "gingerly foolish".

We are driven by the will to have mindfulness also in clothing. We prefer to wear t-shirts which are more than just t-shirts!

The idea was born from the gingerly foolish blog aim: to collect the things we stumble upon (from studies to simple things… actually) to better organise and not lose trail on it: “a place where we can lay all that we encounter on our footsteps, like a sort of more organized “notes repository“!”

In time, this idea have taken also another more “creative” path: we found ourself in wanting to self-remind some of the topics we stumbled into, in a more sharp way!

We commonly wear everyday dresses, mostly (not everyone, we know!) to follow the current fashion, but… what if even what we wear has an impact on our daily life? What if even what we wear has an impact on our approach, on our mindset, on our priorities?!

The idea was to self remind topics, which maybe could be more fruitful in our daily life, instead of just follow someone else’s taste.

So we created some t-shirts. Very simple t-shirts, but with a “story”! We call it “T-shirt tale”.

It was something with a meaning, a purpose as reminder. In “T-shirt tale” we simply share our view on the topic, but the beauty is to even add something special, something personal on that! And… it would be amazing to get to share it all together too!

We used topics which we would like ourself to be reminded about.

Some may not attract you, or some other could.

The point is to wear mindfully these ideas, as a way to spend our day and make it through it, with the help of a reminder which we can see simply by watching our t-shirt!

Our Story

We started with our desire to not conform to what we used to see: people just dressed by brand which doesn't have nothing to do with the people who wear it, nothing personal. We wanted to change that status quo. We wanted to make also our dressing personal and mindful. That was our idea: bring mindfulness also in clothing by raising spirit, curiosity, thoughts.

We will interact with what we wear every time we'll look at it! ​
It will be a reminder!
It will be a laugh!
It will be food for thoughts...
It will be your personal note repository 3.0!!

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